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You want to revamp your decoration with a contemporary abstract painting ?




Danielle Alarcon Dalvin, contemporary painter offers you a choice of unique and original modern abstract paintings on canvas or on fine art paper.

Choosing one of these abstract paintings is wanting to give a modern design. Create a dynamic atmosphere …Opt for an abstract canvas.


tableau abstrait bleu turquoise bleu canard vert jaune unique Alarcon Dalvin


My paintings on canvas are mounted on a high quality wooden frame. Contemporary abstract paintings are worked with a brush and a knife to create certain reliefs that bring life and strength to the painting. These dynamic creations through movement and colors are an opening to the world. Each contemporary abstract painting is hand painted by painter Danielle Alarcon Dalvin.The impetus of color is associated with the forces of emotion. Modern and colorful, all the paintings in the online art gallery are signed and countersigned on the back by the painter and will be delivered to you with an invoice, brochure, certificate of authenticity in a very secure package.

If you would like a painting on canvas in particular colors and dimensions, do not hesitate to submit your request on the online contact form.




Are you looking for modern abstract watercolors ? Discover the watercolors of contemporary painter Danielle Alarcon Dalvin.The online art gallery offers you a variety of color works on fine art paper.



These paintings are unique and original.

Hand-made, no other copy exists. The paintings are delivered with a certificate of authenticity and a brochure. Inspired by nature I paint with passion colorful modern contemporary paintings.

Each creation is an invitation to travel.

I use mixed techniques to achieve harmony. Why mix techniques in painting ?

Because using just one technique is not enough to be able to express your emotion.







The online art gallery presents modern figurative paintings by artist Danielle Alarcon Dalvin. In this space you will discover original and unique paintings. These paintings are paintings of women, inspired by the Roaring Twenties, mythology, tales and legends. These paintings can also be associated with modern or classic furniture. Figurative art is an artistic style seeking to represent reality.


tableau peinture portrait femme moderne figuratif unique artiste peintre Alarcon Dalvin


My paintings are an alliance between realism and dreams.

Developed from a perception of reality, they are transcended by the imagination in search of an aesthetic balance. For a refined and elegant decoration, you can choose from one of these modern canvases …

These modern figurative paintings will bring originality and luminosity to your interior.

You like these paintings but you hesitate … You can discover them in the canvas edition gallery. These editions are high quality fine art prints at very affordable prices.





These marine figurative paintings by contemporary painter Danielle Alarcon Dalvin. will bring a serene atmosphere. Admirea sunset at home …
Contemplate the ebb and flow of the sea …


tableau figuratif vue sur la mer avec coucher de soleil


Because every room in your home is a reflection of who you are, you want to give a personal touch by choosing a modern work of art.

If you are a sea lover, check out my collection of original, contemporary and unique sea views on canvas. These modern paintings are hand painted on canvas mounted on high quality stretcher.

The edges are painted and you won’t need to frame them. A varnish protects the paint.

Need to escape ?

Contemplate the beauty of the sea by choosing one of these modern paintings in vibrant colors.





Lovers of Provencal landscapes ? The contemporary painter Danielle Alarcon Dalvin, presents her collection of modern paintings on canvas. These particularly bright contemporary figurative paintings will light up your walls.If you are looking for a pretty hand painted landscape, here are some contemporary paintings done on canvas. Having grown up in the south of France, Mediterranean landscapes are themes that I particularly like.


Enfance en Provence tableau peinture sur toile paysage provence avec enfants dans les champs tableau moderne


The colors are enhanced with a knife by materials. The colors are joyful.

These modern hand-painted figurative paintings lead you into a very restful world. These figurative landscape paintings will beautifully decorate your walls, they will bring a lot of luminosity to your interior decoration. Do not hesitate to put the sun in your interior. My paintings invite you to take a walk, to take a break in the garden … so many peaceful and joyful moments ….

Claude Monet is one of the painters I love. At the end of the 19th century, he revolutionized the concept of landscape art by painting the effects of light.

Welcome to my luminous universe ….




Tableau peinture chat moderne sur toile peint a la main artiste peintre alarcon dalvin danielle


Paintings of animals on canvas painted by hand, cat, dove

Modern paintings to discover. A collection of paintings on the theme of animals.

These paintings are suitable for different styles of interior decoration.

These original paintings are also precious gifts to offer…

A dove of peace, a pretty cat face for a touch of happiness…











My watercolors are elaborately crafted on fine art paper.

I use mixed media to find shades that cannot be achieved with just watercolor.

All works made on paper must be framed with a coaster.


My paintings come with acid-free mat protecting them from direct contact with the glass.













You want to revamp your interior …

You have a wall that is empty and you would like to decorate it with a canvas

You want an artist’s painting … a beautiful edition on high quality canvas on stretcher …

The canvas editions by artist Danielle Alarcon Dalvin are the result of an impression of great fidelity to the original painting. These art prints on canvas are all protected by a product… for a perfect conservation
A hanging system is fixed behind the frame.

By choosing an edition on art canvas, you will have a painting that cannot be seen everywhere …. and which is made in France.

Opt for the choice of a contemporary canvas painting. The edition will be delivered with a certificate, an invoice, a brochure on the work of the painter Danielle Alarcon Dalvin.


You want to decorate your interior with original cushions ?
Polyester and white zipper. All cushions are delivered with their padding. The two sides are different.
Choose from these artistic cushions created by painter Danielle Alarcon Dalvin. Removable and washable, they are of very high quality.An excellent choice for elegantly decorating your interior.

Coussin décoratif pour canapé deux faces différentes impression lavandes